October 2005

Soil test consisting of CPT up to a maximum depth of 35 meters into the seabed.

Purpose: To show attendance and suitability for use as sand replenishment sand to the beaches of Luanda in Angola

Client: HSS Antwerp

November 2009

Soundings for London Gateway port expansion in the UK
Purpose: Determine settlement prognosis river bed due to make dike.

Client: Dredging International Belgium.

June 2010 Fylios Turkey

Instruct local contractor in performing soundings for flood.

2010-2011 Mining Papua New Guinea Bismarck Sea

Project management and drilling sondeerprogramma Nautilus Minerals Australia
Purpose: Research and copper ore grade seafloor physical properties.

Client: AG Perth, Australia

2010 Browse Island, Australia

Project management of offshore soil investigation PROD underwater robotic drill.
Purpose: Measuring physical properties of the seabed prior to installation of structures for the gas and oil industry.

Client: AG Perth, Australia